YES! i am the Change

YES! i am the Change is a nationwide film project, where filmmakers and amateurs make short films of upto four minutes duration in 101 hours on an NGO/ social cause / everyday hero/ act of kindness. The project aims at igniting inner transformation of youth through a series of basic filmmaking workshops followed by a four day filmmaking project and film festivals across the country. The festivals would showcase the best made films to spread awareness about social causes and to build engagement with social issues.

Modern technology has turned each of us into multimedia content creators, hence potential filmmakers. Media content is no longer produced just by a specific group, but has become a tool for larger social communication used by communities who are now both its producers as well as consumers. For effective communication and outreach using media to create social transformation is becoming increasingly critical as it enables one to share stories, voice concerns, engage with society, generate participation and action solutions.

Taking into account all these aspects, through YES! i am the Change we intend to provide fundamental technical and creative guidance to the youth and encourage them to use the medium of films as a tool for social transformation. The program would also serve as the platform to facilitate the connection and interaction between the youth and social causes which may lead to lifelong associations.

YES! i am the Change is deeply rooted in the conviction that each one of us can make a little difference, which collectively put together creates a world of change!

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